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From The Desk Of Gift Chinenye

Deliciously Naija Recipes,

Dear Friend,
It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to this page where I will be sharing with you how I became a better wife by becoming a champion cook and how this single skill also turned me to a Millionaire chef and caterer.

So, if you are a married woman,

A food business owner,

An aspiring chef/caterer,

Bachelor or a Spinster who will for sure get married soon, and one of your major dream has always being to upgrade your cooking skill, become a better cook so that people will keep leaking their finger whenever you cook and your food will become irresistible...

You Need to Read Every Part of this Write-up

It is only going to take you about 15 mins to read through, but if you take your time to read from beginning to the end, There is one thing I know for sure, and that is the fact that... Your Cooking Skill Will Never Remain The same Again

So Who Am I and Why Am I So Bold to Say This?

before I go any further, let me introduce myself in case this is your First time of getting in contact with me or visiting my cooking website.
...MY Names are Chef GIft Chinenye

And one more thing you should know about me is that I am a wife and a Successful Chef. 

I got married to the best man I desire, he loved me and I had always loved him too.

But There Was a Problem...

And the problem was my Cooking Skill.

You see, like many other children, I spent the entire days of my secondary school in an hostel where all we knew about food is to wake up in the morning, go to the dinning hall and get served.

So, I had never seen cooking as a big deal until I got to higher institution and met my boyfriend (now my husband) and he always request I cook his meal whenever I go over to his place for the weekend.

So, what I usually do at this time is to hide behind one of my friend who was a good cook, I deliver all the cooking ingredient to her so that she can cook it while I go over to deliver to him and pose like I was the 'Chief cook"

Until We got Married And The Whole Game Changed!

When we got married, this was no longer possible for me, everything was exposed...and at this time, I only knew how to cook 3 different things which was ....

☑️ Noodles,

☑️ Rice and Stew,

☑️ Spaghetti


Immediately after our marriage, my bad cooking skill became a serious problem for me.

Just as if I was on a hot seat, because this issue of my bad cooking skill was now getting noticed by everyone who has ever visited us.

As a matter of fact, even my mother-in-law noticed.


My Bad Cooking Skill Almost Scattered My Home,

So I began Searching for a quick and reliable solution.

I needed a way to Upgrade my Cooking Skill so that I can Cook almost any Nigerian and Intercontinental Dishes, So that I can gain my pride back as a wife and restore the usual love my hubby has always been having for me.


And I Stumbled on A Cooking Diamond

On my way searching for permanent solution to my cooking problem, I got an opportunity that superseded only becoming a better cook for my family.

And that was because I got exposed to a training that showed me how to become a super cook in a  short period of time.

It was a serious cooking training, though very expensive, but the value was amazing.

This training exposed me to a Special method of cooking many Nigerian and intercontinental dishes and even keeps changing my cooking style so much that people will never get tired of eating my foods.


Just after some weeks of the training, I began to perform some cooking wonders in my matrimonial home.

I began to use the Unique and Special Cooking methods I learnt from the cooking training and just in few weeks, I was able to win my husband's heart back home.

He begin to come back early from work, and in no time, he stopped eating outside.

As a matter of fact, some of his friends begin coming to spend some time on Saturday.

Everyone who taste my food was testifying that they love the way I cook.

Any food I cook started getting so much attention from family and friends.

And This Was One Thing That Prompt Me to Discover Myself

I discovered my cooking talent and how I can actually make money from this by extending my cooking skill to the public.

To Start With, I got a shop where I sell only African Dishes and just within the first 6 months, I could not handle the crowd, I had to extend in a serious way.

From there, I got the second branch and within 2 years, my restaurant had extended to 4 branches.


At this time, I had to go for more sophisticated training and today, I am one of the most Successful Professional Chef in Nigeria with 7 Catering Branches across 3 states and Over 700 people trained in the last 10 years who are now "Master Chef" making money from Cooking Business on their own...

And that is why , I decided to extend my cooking knowledge to my fellow Nigerian women and men who may need a proven system to upgrade their cooking skill at home or for their cooking business so that they to can become an expert

Here Comes the Opportunity.


The Nigerian Cooking GUIDE

Over 100 Food, Soup with other Amazing Recipes and Unique Style of Cooking

I have pilled my knowledge, experience, expertise and everything I ever know about cooking for the past 10 years in a book, so that anyone who is luckily to come across it can get access to my Special Cooking Recipes, Unique Method of Cooking and the Little known Tips I have been using for over 10 years which has made me to be a Cook Champion Wife and a Millionaire Professional Chef.

Nigerian Cooking Guide is a 240 Paged Giant COOKBOOK with Full Colored Images Guide

The detailed Cook Book was lunched in 2019 and in less than 2 weeks of its lunch, over 700 people took advantage of it and they have been giving amazing feedback about it which I will be showing you below.

Check Below to see what people are saying about this Cooking guide

Nigerian Cooking Guide by Chef Gift Chinenye has changed my Catering Business, Even as a Caterer, I Learnt Many New Things from these Guides.  

In fact, If you get it, I am sure it will bring out the real woman in you

Owoiya - Caterrer

Thanks to Chef Gift Chinenye. Your books are fantastic with lovely colorful pictures of delicious Nigerian Foods. I so much love them.
You really put in a lot of efforts and covered all the geopolitical zones and their culinary delights. Kudos

Jessica - Lawyer

I'm glad to have come across your book. They are all great and easy to understand, I've started using it for all my cooking and guess what? The compliment from my husband and children has been wonderful
you have impacted me in a great way, my cooking style has improved greatly.
Thanks so much

Tina - Trader

I and my Family has been in the USA for Sometimes now and Like Seriously, we have been missing home.

And that is why Immediately I had the opportunity, I Quickly grabbed the Nigerian Cooking Guide, this guide has set us on our toes.

We are now able to cook any type of Nigerian meal just like we are in Nigeria, this Guide is recommended by me anytime, any day.

Munachimso Miriam, USA

When You Get This Book, You Will Also Get 4 Special Bonuses Worth N17,700

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How's that for fair?

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MAIN: A copy of my Guide titled: "Nigerian Cooking Guide... An Ultimate Diary of Nigerian Foods, Nigerian Soups, Nigeria National Dishes, Nigerian Breakfast all Traditional Nigerian Recipes."




NOTE: Only digital copies are available.

Ordering for this book is simple.

And you can get access to everything (the book and bonuses) within the next five

minutes if you pay via Paystack on the order page.
Paystack gives you instant access once you make payment.
I wish you success in all your endeavors.

What People Are Saying About The Book:

Cooking Training Guide, Healthy Nigerian Drink Training Manual, Cocktail Mixing Training, Appetizers Training and more...All For Just a Penny.

I got mine Immediately and I was so happy.
Thanks for always giving Nigerian women opportunity to upgrade.
This is like Intentionally Training Women for Free.
Only the Bonuses are worth much more than the price.



Finally I got access to A Step-by-Step Recipe to cook any Nigerian Foods and Soups.

Infact, this is simply 1-in-All Cooking Guide for Every Nigerian homes.
The Recipes are Clear, Direct and so Delicious.
Thumb Up to you guys on this....and thanks for the great bonuses.
Your team is amazing.

Miracle Umeh

Fashion Model

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